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WHAT'S A RACE, other than human? The term, "race", was originally defined by 'racial purist' known as eugenist in the early 1900's. They conceived of three racial groups, Negroid, Caucasian and Mongoloid. However, many decades ago this terminology has been discarded and tossed in the trash bend by the historian and anthropologist communities. This pseudo-science, attempting to prove physically and biologically that the Caucasian 'race' was superior, compared skin complexion, hair, body type, blood types, biometrics; measuring body parts; eyes, lips, nose, head, cranial capacity, feet, even length of penis to prove their hypothesis. Millions of dollars were a stake for the first to find proof ofCaucasian superior or that Blacks were genetically inferior. But after years of exhaustive investigation, they proved the exact opposite, "Races" became impossible to scientifically categorize, there was no scientific way to prove separate races!! By the time the count got to 67 races and sub-races, the eugenic creators of a "superior race theory", gave-up, threw in the towel, especially after the racist catastrophe in WWII sent eugenist diving for cover! They and followers still quietly (on the down-low) believe in race superiority, but its proven to be fairytale, not science!
Now, the term, 'race', is a political and/or social construct. Better yet, race is seen in the 'eye of the beholder', using myopic and provincial measures for what constitutes a 'race'.
In folklore and religion, "god" supposedly created the races, placing them in separate geographical regions to remain forever apart. If that were true, an omnipotent "god" could have solved that problem by biologically preventing these different 'races' from mating and reproducing with eachother! Apparently, god couldn't figure that out or didn't see it as a problem, 'cause folks are loving, mating, propagating and creating all over the planet!!  
Scientifically, define a "race", ...take your time, I'll wait.

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