Muhammad Ali; Greatest of All Times

January, 1942-June, 2016


Muhammad Ali. Only the Greatest will can have his image flung to the heavens and painted amongst the stars!! Like the mythical hero's of old; Orion, Hercules, Zeus.Hundreds, thousands of years into the future, children will look at the nighttime sky with amazement as they point to the "Belt of Ali", "Ali the Archer"; his floating boots and stinging fist rumbling around the North Star. They will identify the celestial patterns that represent his backbone, his broad shoulders, his captivating spirit that allowed him to lift, carry and inspire a people, the strength to stand- eyeball to eyeball and back down the tyranny of kings, czars and governments.

Yes, the most known, the most recognizable, the most loved human on the planet will now dance among the constellations and how do I know this...Because we, the people who love him, will put him there.