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Jumal Okeyo Jumal

O. Ajamu 


O. Ajamu Jumal was born and raised in Pasadena California, a city that proudly claims to be set like a crown jewel in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains with the Arroyo Seco Creek running through. This naturally rugged backdrop becomes the primary setting for his historical novel. Caught up in the peoples, attitudes and volatile times of the mid-to late 20th century, author Jumal narrates the eclectic mix of characters that come alive on the pages Spiritual Shackles.

Jumal’s enthusiasm for history dates back to his earliest recollections, and this passion continued into his college days, attending Pasadena City College, Cal State University Los Angeles, Cal State University San Bernardino and moved north to attend the University of California at Berkeley. He's earned his bachelor's degree in History and his master's degree in Education.

As an educator, he’s taught in and coordinated Head Start programs, taught first thru sixth grades classes, taught history in middle and high school classes and served as a high school administrator. Mr. Jumal has also instructed classes on African histories, both current and ancient, at several colleges and universities. 

Ajamu the “globetrotter” has traveled the continent of Africa, with most time spent with families in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and Liberia. He toured in Europe, employed as teacher/tutor for minor children the cast of the musical-opera “Carmen Jones”, with most of the year long tour traveling in France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Belgium and Britain. In Researching Spiritual Shackles, the globetrotter found himself visiting Bahia, Brazil ,the Caribbean countries of Haiti, Belize, Jamaica and Yucatan, Mexico. In his historical novel Spiritual Shackles, Jumal's travels bleed onto the pages in vivid detail, not just in the powerful writing and riveting histories, but also in the imaginative storytelling.

Ajamu Jumal currently resides in Southern California. He enjoys jazz, officiating track and field, both teaching and playing chess, storytelling and traveling. He has most recently returned from trips to Halifax NS, Cuba, Bahia, Brazil and Belize


Jumal Okeyo Jumal, Griot Storyteller

The Book!

What About the Book?


Welcome to Spiritual Shackles, a literary journey that fires the imagination with such descriptive images that you feel transported right into the middle of the story. Not only is Spiritual Shackles a fine blend of history, literature and storytelling, it also intertwines a classical writing style with the gritty feel of today's steamy, romance novel.

If you're ready to enjoy a good book, take a journey that will mesmerize your senses, challenge your intellect, fill your eyes with tears of sadness while leaving you rolling on the floor in gut busting laughter; break open the pages of Spiritual Shackles, hang on to the excitement and enjoy the ride.


"A Fine Blend of History, Literature and Storytelling"
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